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The SHIFT: a new paradigm

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Star gate stuff, featuring an interlocking, sawtooth waveform that envelopes much of northeastern United States. Accompanied by a personal vorticular experience AND blatant confirmation that someone else is aware of, or strongly suspects, hyperdimensional activity at the most focused point within the grid system.


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Numerous UFOs had been reported in the area, but the "show" seems to have started thirteen months, to the day, before the collapse of the Silver Bridge which spanned the Ohio River near Point Pleasant, WV. Forty-six people are known to have lost their lives at the time of the collapse, and two are still missing.

Two, young, Point Pleasant couples that took a ride to the "Old TNT Area" (an abandoned ammunition dump) on the night of November 15, 1966, reported a close encounter with a creature that was man shaped and tall (perhaps seven feet) with big wings that folded against its back. "It had two big red eyes, like automobile reflectors."

Speeding (100 mph estimated at times) toward town (about seven miles) in an effort to out distance the pursuing creature, proved futile. It glided along right over the car, and, as one girl reported, "It squeaked.. like a big mouse." Its pursuit ended when they approached town.

A reporter allegedly hung the label of 'Mothman" on the creature, and it stuck. Many people reported seeing Mothman, and others reported experiencing other paranormal phenomena in the Point Pleasant area over the next thirteen months.

John Keel writes, without comment, that a reporter and a trooper reported hearing a loud sound and then seeing the lights flicker. If the sound and the light flicker were caused by the collapse, the lights' flickering should have been followed by the sound. The collapse "could(?)" have been caused. John Keel's  MOTHMAN  PROPHECIES is an outstanding expose of the paranormal occurrences that preceded the tragedy. (Read John Keel "Kautiously.")

Reports of paranormal activity in the area subsided abruptly after the collapse of the bridge which occurred shortly after five (PM) during rush-hour traffic on December 15, 1967. President Johnson had just turned-on the Christmas tree lights at the Capitol. Psychics-and-such were anticipating an extraordinary event to occur at that time; most seem to have been expecting a large-area, electrical blackout.

The Silver Bridge was located within a configuration that resembles a "key." A "relatively" small, right-angle triangle is positioned like a key within two much larger triangular configurations. This interlocking composite consists of eight known prehistoric sites. The three triangles each contain 90, 66½, and 23½ degree angles. Serpent Mound, near locust Grove, Ohio, is at the 23½ degree point for one configuration and at the 66½ degree position in the triangulation with Ceredo Rock (90*) and Mammoth Grave Creek Mound (23½*) located in Moundsville, WV.

23.5 seems to address the Earth's energies: Earth's axis is 23.47+ degrees; plus, it wobbles. The "Eagle" landed on the Moon at 0.67 N, 23.49 E. The significance of the moon landing site choice is unknown to me.

A rock formation known as "Chimney Rock" (destroyed to make way for I-64) and a tabletop plateau, currently used as an airport for jet aircraft (Kenova Airport), was/is in the immediate vicinity of where Ceredo Rock was dredged from the Ohio River during the summer of 1975.

Four symbols are readily identifiable on Ceredo Rock: the outline of what appears to be a keyhole, a dot within a circle, "Bel" (the horned-god), and a "yod."  "Yod" is the first letter in the Tetragrammaton. The rock is on display in the Ceredo Historical Society Museum, 501 Main Street, Ceredo, WV.
These 2.25:1 (base: side) right-angle triangles are suspected of being sawtooth waveforms which are mathematical representations of a deviation at a fixed point versus time. They are potential vorticular energy modulators. The encoding of a carrier wave by variation of its amplitude in accordance with an input signal is "amplitude modulation."

If the triangles (which form when lines are drawn connecting certain prehistoric sites) represent sawtooth waveforms, bases represent time, and sides represent amplitude. In physics, "amplitude" denotes the maximum value of a periodically varying quantity.

"Water tunnel" and "conduit" are potential sources for vorticular reaction. Though we have found no evidence of an artifact of this description there, this shape was expected to have been in the Portsmouth area at the location of "the" star gate. My first location choice is at the "current mouth" of the Scioto River. The second choice is the area around the Temple of the Sun which "was" located at (or near) "Siloam" (Kentucky). A third choice is "just west" of Portsmouth.

Siloam (shiloah: lit., "sending forth") was a spring or pool that was in, or near, Jerusalem that formed part of an ancient water supply. It was fed, by tunnel, from the "fountain of the Virgin." The oldest known Hebrew inscription is cut into the wall of the tunnel. It was inscribed to celebrate its completion at Jerusalem by Hezekiah (II Kings, 20:20). Hezekiah was contemporary with the prophet Isaiah (II Kings 18:20, Isaianh 7:3). The inscription was discovered in 1880.

John 9:7(KJV) reads, "..Wash in the pool of Siloam (which means Sent)."

A SCIENCE NEWS article showed how the space craft Ulysses would slingshot around Jupiter; it shows Jupiter ringed by the Io Torus (a dot within a circle) and Ulysses passing through the ring and close to Jupiter. I know of no specific implications, but a "circle and dot" is one of three recognized symbols on Ceredo Rock. Ulysses, launched in 1990, received a gravitational kick as it neared Jupiter's orbit that allowed it to complete a lap around the sun. The torus could be a hyperdimensional doorway -- teleportation to the stars.

"Io" is the cause of the loud noise bursts that emanate From Jupiter -- and are hurled toward Earth - as it passes through Jupiter's magnetic field. Jupiter and Io are major players. A sojourn from Jupiter to Earth at the speed of light (in a Mars-Car).

The Scioto("Io") flows South to the (Oh-IO (Beautiful River) where I'm convinced a "star gate alternator" was positioned. Many mounds are still visible in the area, but most are destroyed due to progress(?) and looting.

If a "star gate" existed (exists?) in this country, it was (is?) located in the immediate area of PORTSMOUTH, OH, because the ley line between Serpent Mound and Ceredo Area cross the ley line between the Ohio Site and Mystery Hill at that point, and a bird effigy "was" located there. (A county home for the elderly was also located there.) The base side ratio of site locations is 2.25 to 1. It is 2.25 times the distance from Wickliffe Mounds to Serpent Mound than from Serpent Mound to Mammoth Mound and in a straight line. Serpent Mound is a plumed serpent with seven coils. Seven spoked earrings (2) were found with the bones of a large male in Wickliffe Mounds KY. It's 900 miles between Mystery Hill, NH, and the Ohio Site, KY, and 400 miles between the Ohio Site and Maquaketa Caves, Iowa. Maquaketa is due north of Piasa. Piasa (near Alton, Ill.) is due west of Serpent Mound.
Citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio, are developing a tourist attraction by adorning their flood wall with murals. The oldest representation is furthermost east. It's a view through the so-called "Citadel" which would have included Larry Hisle Park at the junctures of Kendall and Wayne Avenues.

Larry Hisle Park has a nice wooden walk, with ramp, which follows the perimeter of a knoll. The walk overlooks a desecrated prehistoric site and affords a view of where the so-called "Temple of the Sun" should be. The "Temple" was located across the Ohio River in Siloam, Kentucky. The "Temple of the Sun" is "all gone." An azimuth from the Temple location across the Citadel (roughly NW) will cross Tremper ad Serpent Mounds.

The next flood wall mural is of a "fictional" Indian village -- according to a University of Kentucky archaeologist. Four sections depict a 1903 Portsmouth, and the "current" mouth of the Scioto River is included. A conduit that was utilized to generate a vortex that would catapult one's essence into the cosmos (Where? is another question.) was positioned at the current opening. This is supposition: a conduit ever having been there is unconfirmed.

A conduit is (apparently) associated with a resurrection process that is depicted on what appears to be an Egyptian artifact that was unearthed near Davenport, Iowa. It's an account of what appear to be dead bodies on one side of a conduit with much-alive beings on the other side. Davenport is about 30-miles sorth of Maquoketa. A similar conduit "is" located in Kentucky. Kentucky's potential stargate generator is not in the immediate vicinity of Portsmouth, Ohio.

I've never seen the Kentucky structure, but my mother (who saw it) described it. I've been to the general area, and local residents agree that it is still there. I suspect it is a similar structure to what must have been located at what is currently the mouth of the Scioto River. Vorticular activity must have been tremendous from the ventura-effect of water charging into the larger, more voluminous, bodies of water (Scioto into the Ohio and at the Kentucky location.)

The most interesting mural concerns Clarence Holbrook Carter, a world famous artist who was born in the Portsmouth area on March 26, 1904. The mural is of Mr. Carter in the doorway of his studio which is segued into the inside of Portsmouth Post Office. (His father worked as a postal clerk, and he painted four of six panels inside the post office.) The Portsmouh Museum appears to be suspended, as seen through the window above the door. An ovoid is also suspended, as seen through the easternmost window, and an ovoid sets lightly upon makeshift steps inside the Post Office. Ovoids became the single most important theme in Mr. Carter's work. He was "very interested in death" and had a deep connection with history and nature's perpetual cycles. For Mr. Carter, ovoids frequently expressed the sense of enclosure ad confinement while others suggested a bridge for the soul. The ovoid as a metasymbol is the point where death and birth are copresent, and the ovoids in the mural exemplify both.

The appearance of clear ovoids in a mural on a flood wall were particular poignant for us. My companions and I had experienced a tremendous, perfectly-clear (except for trace amounts of insulation which allowed us to ascertain size) whirlwind in the area on a previous trip. Similar wirlwinds have reportedly been seen by others.

                                                 *     *     *

A whirlwind tour of southcentral Ohio included Serpent Mound and the area west of Portsmouth (where ley lines cross that form crosshairs in what appears to be an energy grid) before returning home that same evening. The whirlwind tour (recon) confirmed that 247-A, Old Highway 52, West of Portsmouth, Ohio was, and is, a "special place." We decided to return as soon as possible.

"Whirlwind" assumed a new paradigm when we arrived at the TAILIGE CHEROKEE NATION. A "WHIRLWIND" that seemed to have come from 247-A, on a clear day, lifted stuffing from a damaged mobile home that was setting on the North side of the road on a slight rise. Our vehicle was brushed lightly (lovingly) with insulation. We immediately turned into the domain of the Tallige Fire Association, across the road from the Earl Thomas Conley Park, and looked into a clear-blue, undulating, vortex sprinkled with insulation so that we may know - beyond any doubt - we were witnessing an atmospheric vortex that ascended at least a ½-rnile and gave the illusion that "it extended into eternity." We had sought 247-A because it was "smack-dab in the middle" of the crosshairs where we expected to find evidence of hyperdimensional probability, a "stargate" and foundation for an Atlantis hypothesis.

Folks of the Tallige  Fire Association are among the most courteous I've had the pleasure to meet. They informed us of others having seen similar whirlwinds.

Tallige Fire Association is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization that formally started in 1972 and incorporated in February 1988. Their efforts to rebury the remains of 47 of their (our) ancestors who were dug from the Sacred Mound at the site are commendable.

I cannot automatically deduce that the recurrent appearance of whirlwinds confirms an entrenched vortical-presence, but it's a good indicator. The whirlwind manifest on a clear day and seemed to go straight-up. There was no evidence of an anvil pulling the stinger that is normally associated with a whirlwind. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. Kathy and Terry agreed: it was a first for them also. Plus, that whirlwind was more like a micro-tornado, it was huge. Maybe one had to live the moment, but we became convinced that we were on to "something." Fortified with a new confidence and accompanying enthusiasm, we went in search of vorticular myths.

Whirlpool legends abound.  J. Mooney's MYTHS OF THE CHEROKEE (1900), p.340, relates the canoe adventure of two Cherokees at the mouth of Suck Creek. One of them was seized by a fish, and never seen again. The other was taken round and round to the very lowest center of the whirlpool, when another circle caught him and bore him outward. He told afterwards that when he reached the narrowest circle of the maelstrom the water seemed to open below and he could look down as through the roof beam of a house, and there on the bottom of the river he had seen a great company, who looked up and beckoned to him to join them, but as they put up their hands to seize him the swift current caught him and took him out of their reach. (My source for this legend is HAMLET'S MILL.)

The bottomless pit of these '"ythological(?)" whirlpools are a chasm which pierce the sphere from side to side. They are the source and mouth of all waters. They are the way, or one among others, to the realm of the dead. Medieval geographers called them the "navel of the Sea." Ouite a few whirlpool myths go extraterrestrial. In one myth a hero, climbing in a tree in "Whirlpool-Island" lands himself in Pleiades.

Generally, one looks for "it" in the (more of less) northwest -- north-northwest direction. The authors of HAMLET'S MILL state, "We think that the whirl pool stands for the 'elliptical world' marked by the whirling planets, embracing everything which circles obliquely with respect to the polar axis and the equator -- oblique by 23½ degrees, more or less, each planet having its own obliquity with respect to the others and to the sun's path, that is, the ecliptic proper."
Is the whirl a way up or a way down? Some would say that both ways are one and the same, but can everything he put into a scheme at once? The authors write: This general conception of the whirlpool as the "elliptical world" does not, of course, help to understand any single detail. Starting from the idea of the whirlpool as a way to the other world, one must look at the situation through the eyes of a soul meaning to go there. It has to    from the interior outwards, to "ascend" from the geocentric earth through the planetary spheres "up" to the fixed sphere, that is, right through the whole whirlpool, the elliptical world. But in order to leave the elliptical frame, there must be a situation for changing trains at the equator. One would expect this station to be at the crossroads of elliptical and equatorial coordinates at the equinoxes. But evidently, this was not the arrangement. A far older route was followed. It is true that it sometimes looks as though the transfer point were at the equinoxes...

This "far older route" is unknown to me.

Reminder: The Silver Bridge collapsed within what appears to be a "key" within a configuration that is itself part of an interwoven labyrinth of prehistoric-site ley-lines. The appearance of the "stairs" (or whatever) on the Hopi petroglyph also piques images of waveforms.

Above is a picture of one of the flood wall murals taken by Lee Trail on one of his trips.