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World's Top 75 UFO Landings
1996 USA Case Map
Radar Signature Near Bermuda
Radar Signature at White AFB
Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky
Daylight Disc?
An X-Ray Locates an Implant?
Mars - Coincidences? Spurious Correlation?
An Index of Crop Circles

Assorted Videos

All of these Video Clips are in an AVI Format:
4 Seconds - UFO Near Fort Campbell, Kentucky ( 510 MB )
Filmed With A Camcorder & Tripod In 1994 On May 31
14 Seconds - UFO Footage of UFOs in Guatemala ( 901kb )
"The physical evidence says that Unidentified Flying Objects DO exist..."
23 Seconds - UFO Caught on Personal Video Camera ( 1.311MB )
"I'm going to tell you something hunny, I don't know WHAT the Hell it is..."
6 Seconds - Space Trotters ( 969kb )
2 Seconds - Space Trotters II: They Bug Out ( 897kb )

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