Here's a listing of the source material i've found for the previous two
meetings of Kentucky MUFON/Art Bell Fan Club at the Tates Creek Library
concerning the topics I chose for last month (Is Nibiru Nemesis?) and April
(Ophiuchus the 13th Sign of the Zodiac).

       1)  John S. Lewis, Worlds Without End, 1998, Perseus Books.  This
was the book that blew my mind with the report that dwarf stars could
condense metals and silicates in their atmospheres (Ch. 10 "Brown Dwarfs and
Their Close Kin", pg. 118).  This coincides with the speculation that the
Annunaki (possible hominids from a possible dwarf star companion to our
Sun?) were here on Earth to mine gold so as to terraform their planet.
       2)  Zecharia Sitchin, The 12th Planet, 1976, Avon Books.  This is
Book One of the Earth Chronicles by Sitchin.  It is this book which got me
wondering if maybe it were true that there may be records of a planet (a
real wanderer) that periodically comes into our system from outer space.  It
was while rereading this book for the second time that i realized that
Nibiru is just a title for the real thing:  Nibiru meaning 'planet of the
crossing', and that this title was bestowed upon Marduk.  Chapters 7 and 8
of this book gets into the nitty-gritty of what the ancients may have
described as a planet which Sitchin gives as five times larger than the
Earth.  However, in light of what i came across concerning dwarf stars and
given the spectacular power of Marduk it is easy to see planet Marduk/Nibiru
as a dwarf star companion, more gaseous than rocky.
       3)  The NASA Atlus of the Solar System, Ronald Greeley and Raymond
Batson, 1997, Cambridge University Press.  This is that gigantic book you've
seen me bring in.  A really beautiful book chock full of all sorts of (for
us and this) pertinent information, e.g. Jupiter (as an example of other gas
giants that are likely out there, and there is speculation that our solar
companion is jovian-mass - jupiter-sized or greater but not quite stars)
emits twice the heat it receives from the Sun which implies that it has an
internal source of heat.  Jupiter also has world-sized moons, one of which,
Europa, is very likely to host life.    Could the hominid Annunaki be from a
world like Europa?  As you may recall planet Marduk (Nibiru) grew members,
'winds', as it passed the other 'Gods of the Assembly', at first bulging a
new head and several more as it passed toward the inner planets.  We may
recall that planet Marduk had at least seven 'winds', which i have construed
as moons or satellites, and that at least one was lost in the battle with
Tiamat, the watery primordial planet that was here billions of years ago and
which our Earth is  the  reincarnated planet Tiamat.  This leaves planet
Marduk with at least five moons and all possibly the size of Jupiter's
moons, the Galilean moons, or even Pluto (Pluto itself is commonly referred
to now as a planetesimal, not really planet-sized, more like Titan than
    As far as the Web?  I did find quite a bit.  Most of it from <>
(this site is rich with the wonder of our universe and it is from this site that i first
learned of Ophiuchus, which i'll get to in a moment, and Nemesis a dwarf
star companion believed to circle our Sun and is responsible for the great
mass extinction events that have taken place on Earth every 26 million years.
       This is something that I ran across one day while cruising
<>.  I saw something one day about a 13th Sign to the Zodiac, and I
thought it was novel.  Later once I got ahold of some killer astronomy
software (sponsored by <> by the way) Starry Night Pro that I
learned that there are indeed thirteen constellations on the Zodiac.
Garden-variety horoscopes use only twelve constellations for reading the
omens when in fact there are 13.  The Zodiac are all the constellations that
rest on the ecliptic, or the path the Sun travels through the sky.
Whereever the Sun is at any given moment from our terrestrial perspective
at the moment we are born is referred to by astrologers as a person's Sun
sign.  Well, due to planetary precession (basically, as the Earth orbits the
Sun it wobbles so that this sky over your head right now is the same sky
that was here 26,000 years ago and this is same sky in another 26,000 years.
Over the centuries the constellation Scorpius has slipped further off of
the ecliptic, and another constellation, or sign, has moved in, Ophiuchus.
       Ophiuchus is a huge constellation and is represented as a man
clutching a serpent.  His right leg dips well into and below the plane of
the ecliptic.  Located between the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius
it has all but removed Scorpius from off the Zodiac.
       Briefly, Ophiuchus is a Christlike figure (in number mysticism, 13
represents 12 apostles + 1 Christ) who began life as a man known as
Asclepius, son of Apollo the Sun God of the Greeks.  Asclepius was such an
effective healer, even raised the dead, that Hades, God of the Underworld
and brother of Zeus, petitioned his brother to get rid of Asclepius because
Hades was afraid he would no longer have any soul to rule over.  So, doing a
solid for his brother, Zeus kills Apollo's son, Asclepius.  Apollo, being
incensed to rage against Zeus, kills the Cyclops who make Zeus'
thunderbolts.  Zeus, in an effort to make peace with Apollo, sets up a
constellation in honor of Apollo's slain son, and here is where the word
'Ophiuchus' enters.  Here is where Asclepius (yeppers, that Asclepius that
is even today honored by members of our modern medical professions in their
Hippocratic Oath!) becomes Ophiuchus (or "Snake-Bearer" and is relative to
the Greek word ophis or snake).
       While this is not directly related to the subject of UFOs, it is
pertinent to astronomy and our epistimelogy, how we have come to know what
we know; plus it was close to Easter, and finally thought it a good topic
and a timely one:  and yet so neglected by the mainstreamers, and it seems
so obvious to anyone who bothers to look!
       Without speculating further as to what this all means, here at last
are the weblinks that i have found and that you may look up on your own and
decide for yourselves what it all may mean.

Brian Wyatt, Section Director MUFON