Dr. Helmut Lammer
What the Tuskegee Victims Would Say!

Helmut Lammer Ph.D.

     Everybody who followed the continuing debate about my research in alleged
     military  involvement  in alien abduction phenomena - so called MILAB cases, 
     will know  now  which people try to ridicule this research, our book MILABS!
     which will be available in the USA this week [1] and of course me.[2,3,4] 
     I will not answer all articles in the future which  attack  my 
     research or my person since I believe it is more important if I use my time
     for things which are more meaningfull than answering such statements. 

     Interestingly, the sceptics claim now that their responses addresses only 
     "my" MILAB cases. This is important to know, since I do not "own" MILAB 
     abductees and some of these people were also investigated by other 
     researchers like Budd Hopkins, or researchers related to the MUFON Abduction
     Transcription Project, etc. It is not my problem if the well known
     abduction researchers have ignored such cases in their research articles
     and books. Second there are more MILAB abductees, which were investigated
     by professional therapists and psychiatrists than the few which are 
     known via the internet. Therefore, this statement is a complete nonsense. 

     Another interesting aspect in their criticism is that they try to convince
     their readers that my research concentrates only on tracking devices and
     implants, that I claim that all MILAB abductees are implanted with tracking 
     devices, etc. This is certainly not the case. It is right that there are 
     "some" but not "all" MILAB cases where there is evidence that the abductees
     were implanted with a terrestrial device. It is well known from zoology
     and medical research hat such devices are around for a long time.[5] Recently 
     there were many newspaper articles in Europe about an implant with satellite 
     tracking applications which was developed by the israeli intelligence agency
     Mossad. This implant is now distributed via a private firm in Italy. Since
     the sceptics read the MUFON UFO Journal, they should know about this, 
     because there was a short notice about this implant in the November 1998 
     issue. It is common knowledge that this now comercially available implant 
     will not be the latest state of the art "military" or "black project" 

     I agree with the sceptics that older implants would be easy to detect on
     x-rays and MRIs, because they are relatively large. This is the case, since
     I know cases of people who have x-rays, MRIs, medical statements from 
     independent doctors, etc. where everybody can see that they were implanted
     with such devices, but nobody removes their implants![6,7]

     Very interesting is the claim by the sceptics that the proposed MILAB
     projects fail a simple test in comon sense, since there is just no reason
     to conduct them and the alleged victims are not extremely intelligent,
     no Noble laurate is involved, etc.[4]

     It is known from declassified CIA-MKULTRA subproject No. 94 documents,
     that the CIA experimented with miniaturized electrode implants 30 years 
     ago! The purpose of subproject No. 94 was:[8]

     "1. The purpose of this subproject is to provide a continuation of activities
     in selected species of animals. Miniaturized stimulating electrode implants
     in specific brain center areas will be utilized.

      2. Initial biological work on techniques and brain locations essential to
     providing conditioning and control of activities in several species of 
     animals has been demonstrated...The ultimate objective of this research is
     to provide an understanding of the mechanisms involved in the directional
     control of animals and to provide practical systems suitable for (censored)

     So much for the long interest in implant research for mind- and behaviour
     control purposes. Since there is also evidence in the form of a declassified
     research proposal of MKULTRA subproject No. 94 [9] that selected elements of the
     techniques developed under this project were applicable to humans, one can 
     speculate if some of the before mentioned cases were used in such an 
     experiment. If one reviews the known MKULTRA subprojects from documents
     which were released via the FOIA one will find many projects where outsiders
     would claim that there is no reason for doing this, although some people
     decided that there was one.[10] 

     Further, they claim that a reason for the former unwise government
     experiments like the cold war radiation experiments, MKULTRA, Tuskegee, 
     etc. could be made (of course not for MILABs), although Alexander wrote 
     that he does not make excuses or apologies for these experiments. 
     "In Tuskegee" doctors wanted to determine how Syphilis would progress if 
     left untreated."[4] I will not coment such statements about the former 
     illegal unethical cold war experiments, because I believe they speak for 

     In the so-called Tuskegee experiments hundreds of Afro-Americans were
     subjected to sexually transmitted diseases through purposeful withholding
     of appropriate medication that could have cured their disease but was not
     administered in order to continue to collect information on the disease´s
     degenerative impacts. Beginning in 1932, the "Tuskegee Study of Untreated
     Syphilis in the Negro Male" subjected 412 Afro-American sharecroppers who
     had contracted syphilis to 40 years of monitoring aimed at documenting the 
     effects of the disease. All the victims were permitted to pass the various
     chronic stages of illness, suffering from long-term disabilities such as
     blindness, paralysis, dementia and eventually premature death, even well
     after penicilin was found to be a highly effective treatment.[11]

     So much for Tuskegee and I would be interested to know what the 
     Tuskegee survivors have to say after they know now that some designers 
     from an ueber-secret agency conducted a risk-benefit analysis and chose to 
     proceed in this experiment.

     Interestingly, there were only black americans involved in this experiment 
     and there were no Nobel laureate or persons of publicly acclaimed 
     accomplishments used in this nazi-style-project. The reason is that they 
     used people who were socially and politically outsiders. Tuskegee is a very
     good example, where one can see why it is better to use the average nobody,
     ethical minorities, or poor people for covert or secret unethical experiments,
     than lawyers, academics and Nobel laureate´s, etc. 

     I agree that some of the people who claim that they hear voices, are used 
     in secret experiments, are abducted by aliens, etc. are paranoid, have 
     delusions, are mentaly ill, etc. But there are also some people who are not!
     Therefore, it would be locical to use natural phenomena, strange psychological
     phenomena, unexplained and generally ridiculed phenomena as a cover for
     top secret experiments. 

     How easy such a cover would work everybody can see from the the present 
     discussion and the statements of the sceptics. 
     They claim that these people are crazy, have hallucinations, 
     etc. but other abductees (abductees who have only alien and not military 
     experiences) not, only Lammer´s MILAB cases, etc. If this is 
     really going on than the sceptics are right: "That is human, not alien 
     interventions."[4] An alien cover would be so good that if alleged victims
     go to the police as the sceptics suggest and tell them that
     people in military uniforms experimented on them and the police officer 
     learns that the person has also alien abduction experiences he/she will 
     be immediately ridiculed, etc.

     On the other hand there are also MILAB cases which point in another
     direction. These are cases where it seems to me that the military
     involved, or their officers believe that "some alien abductions" may be 
     a true unexplained phenomenon. These are cases where it does not seem 
     that they use the abduction phenomenon as a cover for secret experiments 
     but they would like to know whats really going on in some alien abduction 
     cases. On the other hand it could be that these military unit are involved 
     in pseudo-alien abductions for propagating an alien threat. Of course
     this is speculation and more data are needed.

     Although the MILAB sceptics, claim that one can see from my research that
     I have a lack in understanding of technical knowledge, the ability to
     completely analyze information, political science, military science, budget 
     and finance, organizational sociology and psychology/psychiatry, I can only 
     say I trust the NASA cameras and my scientific knowledge more than the stories
     of the former military remote viewers who are good friends and former 
     colleagues of our sceptics and who claimed on public meetings, in magazines, 
     etc. that they remote viewed Martians, artificial structures on the Martian 
     surface, machines under the surface of Mars, the disappearence of the russian 
     Phobos 2 probe and other nonsense.[12] 

     However, I exposed some of this nonsense in the peer reviewed border science
     Journal, "Journal of Scientific Exploration."[13] Why were the MILAB sceptics 
     quiet as their friends, former colleagues, etc. delievered mental food for 
     their estimated 10 million people who suffer from paranoid delusions, not-real 
     entities, voices, bedroom-related visions and hypnagogic experiences? 

     For the fields of knowledge where I have no immediate training myself eg. 
     psychiatry, military science, etc. I make a habit out of consulting with
     experienced professionals with many years of experience in these fields. 
     So the opinions I present in my books and articles may have more weight
     than these sceptics want to believe.

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