Kentucky UFO Reporting Center
State Of Affairs
By Director Earle Benezet
Updated 9-06-10

My main focus right now is getting a Section Director in Louisville and Covington... and we are currently looking for a secretary for Kentucky UFO Reporting Center 

I would like to try to get meetings going farther out in Western Kentucky (Paducah if possible) and in Eastern Kentucky (Jenkins if possible)..... If anyone would like to make any suggestions I am open to them....or would like to help start meetings themselves out there....I of course will lend as much support and ideas as I can.

We are working on putting together a special meeting for training of Kentucky UFO Reporting Center Investigators.

We need to encourage more of you to become Field Investigators...we currently have one and would
like to have 10.

Support us!! Actively participate in meetings, Sky wataches, Conferences, Workshops as you can and other Kentucky UFO Reporting Center activities such as the Kentucky State Fair which was quite a success while we were called MUFON.  We would someday like to duplicate that effort at the Kentucky State Fair even though the prices for a 10 ft X 10 ft booth are now $700.00  We would need donations to accomplish this.

Many Americans believe in the UFO phenomena, at last count 85% believe in life in outer space. 55% believe  aliens ships are visiting Earth. More and more people have seen NASA's UFO footage. (NASA disclaims they are UFO's and states you are only seeing engine effulent). They have seen the face at Cydonia, the pyramid's near Cydonia, they know about the mathematics and it's relationship to 19.5 degrees throughout the universe. We now know there is water on Mars now, methane, amonia and formaldehyde in it's atmosphere. Most people now know that we have seen 299 planets, two solar systems and one atmosphere through the Hubble Space Telescope over the last 8 years and within 35 light years of Earth. Scientists now say that they are finding heavy metals of the type that can only be in stars which have planets around them, this is in 55% of all the stars we look at on average. They know the real crop circles appear to be messages!, (yes there are fake ones also) that there are cases of expansion nodes, expulsion nodes and changes of a microwave nature (which can not happen if they are faked using strings and boards). 

Do research, find relationships with previous data. It's time the world understands how important the UFO issue is. Talk to people, open a dialogue with them. Open yourself up... don't be afraid. Come stand with us. Let us usher humanity into the new millennium with renewed enthusiasm for truth and life.

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