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The goal of the Ky State MUFON Archives is to establish a centralized depository for UFO and UFO-related  documentation focusing primarily on the State of KY and its surrounding area. In this endeavour we hope to assist researchers by consolidating and cross referencing data to better facilitate their needs. The archives will be structured to promote clarity, credibility and factuality. The archives also contain documentation on United States and international UFO events, as well as a  small section on paranormal occurrences in the state of Kentucky. The Archives Staff will process any donated documents, reports, studies or multimedia with the respect it is due. In addition to our archives, the Ky State MUFON maintains a collection of commercially generated books, cassettes and videos dealing with the UFO phenomenon. To donate any books, audio or video tapes, written material Ect....Please contact the Archives Staff above.


The event begins at sunset on August 21st and continues until the wee hours of the 22nd. Billy Ray Taylor is thirsty and heading to the farm's well, when what he saw sends him racing back to the fram house in a state of excitement.  Mr. Taylor is a visitor at the farm and tells the elven menbers of the Sutton family what he just saw. Mr. Taylor says he saw a flying saucer, the exhaust had all the colors of the rainbow, and it crashed (or landed) in a gully a few hundred yards away from the house. The Suttons listened with disbelief but all that was about to change, as the family dog was braking agitatedly at something, then suddenly stopped and hid under the house. When Tayor and Lucky Sutton went to the door they saw something that scared them out of  their wits. A figure was approaching the house and it was glowing. It came close enough to make out this description. "It was 40 inches tall with a disprpportionate head; with large luminous eyes, and talon tipped arms that nearly dragged the ground. What the men did next was something anyone protecting his family would have done. They backed into the house and grabbed a 20 gauge shotgun and a .22 caliber rifle. When the creature came within 20 feet of the door they opened fire. They said the creature somersaulted and disappeared. It is not clear if the somersault was a result of the  projectiles hitting the creature, or if it was an evasive maneuver, but the story does not end here. The two men stepped outside and spotted another creature on the roof of the house so Sutton fired again, what happened to the creature is unclear and another creature was seen in a maple truee and was fired upon but instead of killing the creature it floated down to the ground and ran away in a lopsided gait. Suddenly another creature rounded the house and was shot at point blank range. Lucky said you could hear the pellets striking something that sounded like metal but the creature was uninjured and retreated. The men then escaped into the house and tended to the frightened children. They did not feel safe  because the creatures kept peering into the windows. Finally it was decided to escape from the farm and they all ran to the cars and they sped off to the police Hopkinsville. The police accompainied  by a photographer and the Suttons went back to the farm but to their dismay nothing but a glowing patch of ground was found. This is where one of the creatures hit the ground in the gun battle. Finally at 2:15AM the authorities left the scene. The Sutton family went to bed  to be awakened by the aliens return. They persisted in looking in the windows, and the men again opened fire which only accomplished shooting up the screens in the windows. No alien was ever harmed as far as anybody could tell. This confrontation kept up according to the Suttons until just before sunup (5:15AM). The ordeal did not end there because they were swarmed by reporters from all over the state. Investigators were there and found nothing but the glowing patch, but concluded the Suttons were sincere about their story and were not after attention or fame. The family immediately moved and left the state never to be heard from again. A picture of the creatures they described can be found on page 68 of the Time Life Book, "The UFO Phenomenon". This is a case of a close encounter of the third kind. With the family leaving and in hiding it cannot be determined if the Suttons were abducted or have had any more encounters. I recomment a deep search  for any menters of the family to complete the file. Another interesting event possibly tied to this event happened in Knoxville, Kentucky on the 22nd, with descriptions similar to the Kelly Hopkinsville event but more information is also needed in this event.